Translating and paintings~

I’ve been translating an interview. It’s my first translation so it’s far from perfect but it’s a start. 🙂 I realised how tough translation is. Someone else had translated it to English from a Chinese translation and I edited and re-translated that. I’m still working on it since it’s a loooong interview. 😮 But it’s been a great experience and I hope to improve as I contribute to Icarus Walk(an international Epik High fan site)’s translations. 🙂

Epik High HipHopple Interview Translation part 1

I started painting the Epik High piece and I’ve almost finished the other painting I started before it. ^^






이제 더 번역하고 일본어와 한국어 공부 제대로 다시 시작합시다ㅋㅋㅋ. 어려운데도 내년도 일본어 공부하자ㅋㅋ. 한자 다 잊어버린 듯… ㅋㅋ 한자부터ㅋㅋ. 보보경심도 드디어~~~ 읽자ㅋㅋ. 논문도 화이팅 😮 ㅋ

Epik High painting etc 에픽하이 그림 등

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge Epik High fan. 😀 I’ve started a painting (well, the drawing part) of them. I’m working on translating an article and revising for my exams too so this painting might take some time. ^^

I tried to make a painting of them for their 11th anniversary in 2014 when Shoebox came out and I went to their concert with my friend during my year abroad in Seoul. But it didn’t work out. Mainly because there was something wrong with the watercolour paper I bought – it was thin/maybe even expired (I didn’t even know about watercolour papers expiring until Valerie Chua’s post on Instagram 😮 ). Anyways, it’s 2016 and I thought I’d try a second time.

My photos of the 2014 November concert in Seoul:




The progress so far:



낮에 뜨는 달 웹툰 Daytime Moon(?) Webtoon

I was thinking about webtoons lately and so I decided to check out the webtoons that I’d bookmarked on Naver (only the ones with art I like haha). I’ve finally gotten really into a webtoon and it’s 낮에 뜨는 달  (Daytime Moon?). It’s really good. It’s different from when I first tried to read it (2 years ago) and it makes much more sense though that could be due to me improving my Korean since then haha. It’s suspenseful and awesome – go read it~ It’s a good break from exam revision. There are some historical parts though which are harder to understand. I try not to search in the dictionary and just read though. Maybe I can reread it some day and search up all the words I don’t know like I do with novels… maybe.

낮에 뜨는 달 Daytime Moon

I need to read Korea Old + New/ Samguk Yusa to brush up on my three kingdoms + Gaya knowledge. 😮


Some of the comments are really funny. My favourite:

(jh32****) 2013-08-29 23:27: “준오보다 과거 청년이 더 잘생긴듯… 도대체 저런 미남을 왜 죽였지…?” The guy from the past seems more handsome than Juno… Why would you kill a handsome guy like that…?

And more: chapter 29: Last dialogue: “…준어 너. 영화 쓰러진 거 너떻게 안 거야?”

(fudd****) 2013-11-28 23:21: “사랑의 레이더니까 알수있죠 형님.”

(wkdd****) 2013-11-28 23:23: “왜냐하면 우린 커플이거든.”
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Just what I needed for the exam period. :’D
It’s my favourite mix of genres: historical (+ modern day), romance, fantasy and thriller/mystery. 추천해용~ ㅎㅎ




Six Flying Dragons and spring semester madness

I feel like I saw Six Flying Dragons ages ago. It’s about the end of Goryeo and the start of Joseon. It was quite amazing at the end when you saw how the characters change so gradually.

I wanted to do something for Six Flying Dragons so I quickly sketched Yoo Ah In as Lee Bang Won with the quote “이제 놀이는 끝났어” (The time for having fun has ended – not quite a good translation but you get the idea). I wanted the sketch to convey the despair that these words convey.

I started using a book I bought whilst I was in Korea called Learning Hanja the Fun Way. Now I’m just trying to memorize (hahaㅜㅜ) for the exam on Friday.

Facebook has been reminding me of posts from last year in the hospital in Korea. I’m glad it’s over. But I still don’t regret my year abroad. Okay so it went terribly wrong in the end but the rest of it increased my confidence (which took a plunge in the hospital and the aftermath), and it really does change and mature you so much. I’ve spent a year with this and I’m ready to move on. 🙂

I have 4 exams still do but I have some artwork that I’m working on so hopefully I’ll get to share them soon. 🙂 Happy spring/winter! (yes winter… there was rain, hale and snow…)

치즈인더트랩 Cheese in the Trap painting

Recently, I’ve been watching Cheese in the Trap (no subtitles yayy!)  and it’s sooo good. The OST is really good too. So I was inspired to make a painting of it and Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun.

The process:




And finally:


I’m looking forward to episode 13. 🙂 Too bad it’s only going to be 16 episodes.

Language Tag

Archana of 반짝반짝 tagged me. ^^ 고마웡~ㅋㅋ


What would you consider your native language?

English and Hindi – though I feel like instead of Hindi, it should be Punjabi oops.

What was your first language learning experiences?

French and German in Year 7…


What languages have you studied and why did you learn them?

French and German – these don’t really count as I studied them for 3 years in Secondary School… and so I don’t remember anything. Why? It was compulsory haha. I remember it being fun at the start.

Korean – I started learning a bit of basic Korean but I couldn’t study it much since I was in College, preparing for University. It was a bit of everything, I was (am) interested in the history etc and I wanted to try and learn a language. So I started properly studying it in Sept 2013. I studied level 3 and 4 at Sungkyunkwan University but then couldn’t study level 5 since I had a accident. I survived with my Korean at a little Korean hospital. Anyways, it’s great to be able to watch dramas (You from the Stars and Cheese in the Trap) variety shows (Where is My Friend’s Home and Abnormal Summit) without subs and realise how far you’ve come.

Japanese – I started learning Japanese this September. It’s fun! But kanji is difficult haha. Especially since handwriting has to be perfect. I needed to chose between Chinese and Japanese. Chinese is harder in a way – I couldn’t get my head around all the tones and pinyin etc.


How does your personality affect your language learning?

Hmm, it’s hard for me to focus at first but when I do it’s alright. My last level at SKKU went quite well. I was looking forward to level 5…

Since I’m more of a creative person, I’ve been writing some Korean on my Instagram which has become kind of a diary now – all the 추억들이 ㅜㅜ <3.


Do you prefer learning a language in a class or on your own?

Learning in a class and then learning it on my own. So both.


What are your favourite language learning materials?

I want to say novels but I honestly haven’t read that much (in Korean). When I did have plenty of time to read them, I was in a lot of pain so I couldn’t focus enough. I’m hoping try reading them during Easter break.^^

I’ve watched A LOT of Abnormal Summit and Where is My Friend’s Home. And unsubbed dramas too now.


How much time do you spend on language per day?

Hmm… I’m not sure… Every day is different :’D .


What are your short-term and long-term language goals?

Short-term:  – Take the TOPIK test in Oct/Nov 2016 and get at least level 4.

                          – Remember Kanji/Hanja that I’ve learned ㅋㅋ.

Long-term: TOPIK level 6 etc.

What is your favourite language?



What is the next language you want to learn?

Everything and nothing more at the same time. Maybe Chinese/ Italian etc.


What advice would you give to new language learners?

Don’t give up! You’ll look back and laugh at when you were terrible at it.


How could I end this post without pictures?^^

Passing level 4 at SKKU! This was my second time doing Level 4. It was a mistake to start at Level 3. I regret not starting at Level 2.


When I first started learning Japanese:

일본어 숙제 좀 예쁘게 쓰려고 했는데 읽을만하지~~ ㅋㅋ #일본어 #공부 #日本語 #글

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