Lauren Aquilina’s Isn’t it Strange?

One of my favourite musicians just released her debut album! It’s called Isn’t it Strange. Check it out~

I got my copy of Isn’t it Strange in the post yesterday but it was damaged 😦 so I haven’t opened it. Hopefully I can get another copy soon. I also got her EP Liars~ I want to get Sinners, Fools and Echoes >.<



Some art I’ve done for the album tracks:

Midnight  Mouths/ Thinking About:


Suddenly Strangers:




Ocean/ Fools:

Korean Webtoon: Reckoning 레코닝

I’ve started reading another webtoon and it seems interesting. It’s called Reckoning. It’s about a guy who seems to be living in a future time period, has a disease and so to live he must kill another version of himself in a parallel world. I’m just at the starting so I don’t know more than that.

I’ve been wondering whether to try and make a webtoon but I’m not sure about the story etc aka the actual writing part.