Resolutions resolutions…

With 2 exams to go, I’m looking forward to starting the second semester at university. I’m looking forward to paint/draw more. I feel like even though I’m studying and dealing with my injury, if I don’t make art then I’ve wasted time…

In the first and second year of university, I always thought I didn’t have time to make art and so only managed to make a very few amount of artwork. But I realized after having actual setbacks (breaking my ankle/foot in Korea), that before was much better. I tried to studying and paint as much as I could in May-August but I couldn’t do that much. That wasn’t because I didn’t have the time. Oh, I had a lot of time. Just that that time was full pain so I couldn’t concentrate much.  And then from September it was a tough term. So now that I’m getting better, I want make more art as well as my university work etc.

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I oil painted… I’ll be making sketches and watercolour paintings soon. There’s a project that I’ve been meaning to work on ever since the summer… And I have a commissioned piece of artwork to share soon! I’ve drawn it, I just need to paint it.


Some of the artwork I made May-Summer: Before these is my cast photo with the doodles I did in hospital. I liked asking my friends who they (which person) they liked better haha.


I drew Lauren Aquilina. She’s an amazing singer. I listened to her songs in the hospital and they helped me through it a bit. I went to her concert and it was great. Painful standing and walking for so long but no regrets. 😀

A little sketch of @laurenaquilina . Her music is amazing! Every song is perfect 🙂

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I did this afterwards.

doodle of my friend~^^ 목발 때문에 손이 아파요ㅜㅜ

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This is a painting that I started in my first year of university. I finally finished it.

Done^^ #art #painting #watercolor #미술 #그림 #그리기

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I’m determined to make a lot more (/better) art from now on. Also, I’m going to keep on working on my recovery. I don’t usually make resolutions but these are the two big goals that I will constantly reminding myself of.


Here are two edits I made of my photographs for the University of Sheffield Korea Society’s Facebook event pages (I’m one of the two Event Officers).

The first one combines images I took in Gyoungbok Palace and a near Gyoungbok Palace in South Korea. 경복궁과 경복궁 근처에서 찍은 사진을 썼어요. ^^

The second one combines a photo I took at a exhibiton at the Korean Cultural Centre, a photo I took of flowers in England and a photo of flowers I took in Korea.


I took my Japanese non-specialist exam… it was okay I guess. Toughest part is remembering how to write kanji. And rambling in the composition section just to put in more grammar points/vocab/kanji haha :’D. I’ve still got two exams to go and still recovering my health.

자, 안녕~