Wow, maybe writing a blog isn’t for me… The last time I posted was last semester which feels like years ago. I prefer Instragram… can we call that micro-blogging? xD Buttt, I’ll try and keep going with this haha.

Anyways~ I’m in my last semester of my last year of Uni so everything is crazy and hectic. Here are some paintings I made despite it: (one for a competition – *fingers crossed*)



보보경심려 이준기 그림 + 논문 등 Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Painting + Dissertation etc

Just a update on my Lee Jun Ki painting. It’s finished. 😀 Maybe I should have increased the brightness… it’s quite hard to take photos of paintings. :/

Despite it’s flaws (directing, editing…), I’m still waiting for Mondays because of this drama – and it’s Monday today!






I recently started my last year of uni and it’s been a bit crazy :’D. I’m equally anxious and excited for my dissertation. It looks like I’ll have to do A LOT  of reading in Korean for it. Which is of course tough. But it’ll be worth it since I’m doing something I like. 🙂 Our dissertations actually don’t need to be printed (I think) but a Korean advertisement for hardback dissertations tempted me to think of getting that done haha. Hopefully it’ll all work out and become something I can be proud of.



Scarlet Heart: Ryeo + Lee Jun Ki painting


The first three episode were dissapointing… But it’s gotten way better from episode 4 and now I’m waiting for Monday :’D.

Also, I started watching it unsubbed from episode 8. 😀

I’ve started a painting of Lee Jun Ki as 4th prince Wang So. 🙂




Lauren Aquilina’s Isn’t it Strange?

One of my favourite musicians just released her debut album! It’s called Isn’t it Strange. Check it out~

I got my copy of Isn’t it Strange in the post yesterday but it was damaged 😦 so I haven’t opened it. Hopefully I can get another copy soon. I also got her EP Liars~ I want to get Sinners, Fools and Echoes >.<



Some art I’ve done for the album tracks:

Midnight  Mouths/ Thinking About:


Suddenly Strangers:




Ocean/ Fools:

Korean Webtoon: Reckoning 레코닝

I’ve started reading another webtoon and it seems interesting. It’s called Reckoning. It’s about a guy who seems to be living in a future time period, has a disease and so to live he must kill another version of himself in a parallel world. I’m just at the starting so I don’t know more than that.

I’ve been wondering whether to try and make a webtoon but I’m not sure about the story etc aka the actual writing part.


Some Art + Korean Reads

Some time ago, a friend of mine started writing for a website called Brunch. I’ve been meaning to read her posts as well as others. I was browsing when I saw this post. It’s about train journeys in Japan – 낭만의 일본여행 by 씨엔우즈.   The photographs are really lovely too. I’m looking forward to read more on this site. ^^

Lately I’ve been working on some new artwork and researching a bit for my dissertation.

I’m currently painting this:






I finished my painting of Epik High:


A painting I did of Epik High 😄

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I also finished this painting:







Japanese through Korean 한국어로 일본어 韓国語で日本語の勉強

Another youtube channel I found that teaches Japanese in Korean is Hotena 하테나닷컴. It is quite useful and interesting to be able to use Korean whilst learning Japanese as an extra for revision. I will most probably continue taking the non-specialist Japanese module at University, so I’ve started revising Japanese as well as Korean. My main focus right now is vocabulary and kanji/hanja for both. I’m also writing grammar notes from intermediate (Korean) for practice.